About us

my dream planetMy name is Alex, I'm a wildlife photographer and traveller. For many years I have been discovering our planet - its wild nature and fauna…
While traveling I come across a lot of beautiful and interesting things, but also see us — people irreparably destroying nature. From year to year we seize more and more of wild territories. This leads into a situation when animals are left with no places to hide and they gradually disappear. Yes, of course it's not always a human who is the reason of these problems but, unfortunately, we all are from the moment of our birth involuntary invaders…
Every time I faced to a problem I reflected on how I can help. But all my thoughts remained to be ideas. But the moment had come when I stopped considering and chose to act. This happened in Kenya where I met Dennis – a warden of Maasai Mara national park. He told me about problems of disappearance of cheetahs and rhinos. These animals gave me so many positive emotions that I decided to give them something in return. This is how our foundation «My Dream Planet» was created.
Pretty quickly I was able to gather a team of like-minded people. Those who don’tsee the problems of nature protection as something distant. So here we are, we work and it fills us with positive emotions.
First of all, we support those who carry out professional activities in the field of protection and conservation of rare species of animals. These are mainly state nature conservation services in Kenya and Russia. We work closely and have friendship with the direction of Masai Mara National Park. Besides, in Russia we are implementing a project to support animals injured by human fault. At the current moment we began the construction of a special rehabilitation center where animals, which passed their childhood in the hands of commercial photographers or private zoos, will live and undergo rehabilitation. Having matured, they become "waste material" and, as a rule, exist in incompatible with life conditions. Tiger Dima became the first such animal in our hands. It was his story that pushed us to create such center.
Our project would not exist without like-minded people, sponsors and volunteers. I am appreciative of everyone who helps us, but I especially want to say thank you to those who were the first to support my ideas, without their help I wouldn't be able to take my first steps.
Join us. Become a friend of nature.

Charitable tours and tours for volunteers

Sponsor tours

For our sponsors we organize special tours that are fundamentally different from programs that are usually being offered by tour agencies. In our special programs you will be able to immerse yourself into the real wild nature of Africa. You will travel the routes where there are no strangers. Only you and wild world. You will admire unique animals in their natural habitat. In addition, our instructors will teach you to enjoy the communication with animals without causing harm or discomfort to them.

You will have an opportunity to feel like pioneers, scientists, photographers, biologists... And the photos you will make will surely amaze all your friends and relatives.

We will arrange unique team-buildings for the staff of your company. We will place them in specially constructed camp far away from tourists trails. You and your colleagues will plunge into a world of wild nature, feel that your team is the part of it. That we all is a single organism.

For the several days in Africa you will get a multitude of unforgettable positive emotions and will understand why your investment in wild animals protections is so important.

Volunteer tours

If you love nature and wish to contribute to the protection of endangered species, and you are also ready not only to donate but to be involved then volunteer tours are exactly what you need.

You will spend unforgettable time among new friends and will be able to help us and wardens of the park. You are not required special skills or knowledges. We will teach you everything here, on site. You will help us to track the animals movements, thanks to you we will be able to collect more statistics, to find injured or sick animals, to process already collected information and to perform lots of routine and administrative work that also has to be done.

Usually the tour price include accommodation, full board meal, medical insurance, all transfers from/to airport, all movements in the national park with our driver or instructor, and also profit that entirely goes to the targeted animal protection programs.